Local Authorities

From April 2013 local responsibility for the prevention and management of obesity transferred from PCTs to local authorities.

The Obesity Knowledge and Intelligence team provides information, data and evidence on obesity and its determinants to support policy makers and practitioners working to tackle obesity. The information in these web pages is specifically designed to guide and support local authorities to:

  • identify and assess obesity and related issues in their locality
  • understand the social, economic, health and educational impact of obesity
  • work together by outlining how different local authority departments and services (such as planning, transport, leisure, and education), can work synergistically to tackle obesity, led by public health
  • plan and deliver obesity prevention and management strategies and services for their area through the new vehicles of health and wellbeing boards, via joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs), and joint health and wellbeing strategies.

The most useful and up-to-date resources to support local authorities are highlighted. These pages will be updated regularly.