Evaluation data collection tool

Welcome to the Standard Evaluation Framework data collection tool. The tool has been developed to assist practitioners to collect standardised summary data from any weight management, diet or physical activity intervention. It will also help us to better understand the types of obesity and related interventions across the country.

Why should I use the tool?

The tool will provide you with an audit record of your intervention. It will also enable the sharing of practice and learning from other interventions carried out across the country.

What type of intervention should be included?

Any intervention that aims to:

  • prevent or treat overweight or obesity; and/or
  • change diet or physical activity behaviours.

Please note that the tool collects information on individual interventions. You will therefore need to complete the tool separately for multiple interventions that may be part of a broader obesity pathway or community programme.

What will happen to the information I provide?

Your intervention details will be made available on the PHE Obesity website via an Excel spreadsheet. Therefore please ensure that you do NOT provide any patient level or sensitive information.

What sort of tool is it?

On-line questionnaire

How long will it take to complete?

If you have all your information to hand, it will probably take around 20 minutes to complete.

How can I access the tool?

To access the questionnaire click here.

We will be updating and improving the tool and welcome any feedback on your experiences in completing it. Please contact info@noo.org.uk to submit any feedback.