Standard Evaluation Frameworks

PHE Obesity has produced three Standard Evaluation Frameworks (SEFs):

Please note this document refers to primary care trusts which no longer exist. Since the NHS reorganisation in 2013, the most likely commissioner of a lifestyle weight management service would be the local authority, who commission tier 1 and 2 (weight management and prevention) services. Clinical Commissioning groups tend to commission tier 3 (multidisciplinary team support) and NHS England commissioning tier 4 (surgical) services.

The aim of the Standard Evaluation Frameworks (SEF) is to support high quality, consistent evaluation of weight management, diet and physical activity interventions in order to increase the evidence base.

The SEFs provide introductory guidance on the principles of evaluation, and list ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ criteria. Essential criteria are presented as the minimum recommended data for evaluating a weight management intervention. Desirable criteria are additional data that would enhance the evaluation. Supporting guidance describes why particular criteria have been categorised as essential or desirable, and provides further information on collecting data. The SEFs are essential reading to those commissioning, running or evaluating weight management, diet or physical activity interventions.

PHE Obesity has also produced an Introductory guide to the evaluation of weight management, physical activity and dietary interventions

This guide provides an introduction to the evaluation of public health programmes and interventions. It is written primarily for practitioners interested in evaluation of weight management, physical activity and dietary programmes, however it contains many general principles that may be applied to other public health areas. It will be a useful first step for anyone new to the topic of evaluation or those wishing to refresh their knowledge of evaluation approaches. It is essential reading for those wishing to apply the SEFs to their project or intervention.

Posters presented at the Public Health England Conference 2013

The Obesity Knowledge and Intelligence team presented a poster displaying information on the Standard Evaluation Framework documents at the Public Health England Conference 10-11th September 2013.

Download: Promoting physical activity and healthy diet: how do we learn from our mistakes?