Adult Obesity

This is a time series map of England showing the change in prevalence of adult obesity for sub-national geographies from 1993-2011. The data are from the Health Survey for England (HSE).


HSE data on males and females aged 16 and over. No weighting is applied and data from HSE boost samples are not included. Males and females are classed as obese if they have a valid, interviewer measured, BMI of 30 or above.

The data have been mapped at the geographic level that was valid at the time the HSE data were collected and published. For survey years 1993-1998, National Health Service Regional Health Authority data are presented. From 1998-2011, HSE data are presented for English Regions (formally Government Office Regions). The maps show the data for three year averages. Due to the change in administrative boundaries it is not possible to produce a three year average for 1997-1999. Over this period data are presented for 1996-1998 then 1998-2000. If data become available at new geographic levels, the map will be updated accordingly.

This work is based on analysis published by the British Heart Foundation Heart Stats team at Oxford University. We would like to acknowledge and thank Pete Scarborough for his contribution to this work.