Active travel briefings for Local Authorities

The national ‘Active Travel and Health' group has produced three briefings on walking and cycling for local authorities.

The briefings are in the form of short Powerpoint presentations and bring together all the latest evidence, policy and ideas on active travel. They are designed to help local authorities make the case for action to increase walking and cycling. They have been produced in consultation with local authorities and with the input of a wide group of people interested in active travel.

Each briefing is available in two formats: with and without pictures. The version without pictures is a smaller file size and is easier to read when printed. The version with pictures looks best on screen for use in a presentation.

The briefings are aimed at three separate audiences:

For elected members, focusing on the issues of importance to local authority elected members including potential impact on the local economy and congestion.

For Directors of Public Health, focusing on relevant public health issues including the potential impact on obesity and quality of life.

For Directors of Transport, focusing on key transport issues including congestion, road safety and air quality.

Obesity guidance for local authorities

The PHE Obesity Knowledge and Intelligence team has developed a series of web pages to support local authorities to:

  • identify and assess obesity and related issues in their locality
  • understand the social, economic and health impacts of obesity
  • work together by outlining how local authority departments and services (such as planning, transport, leisure and education) can work synergistically to tackle obesity
  • take action on obesity in their areas via health and wellbeing boards and joint health and wellbeing strategies

Obesity Local Authority Pages